About Building Healthy Communities

Health Happens HereBuilding Healthy Communities is a 10-year, $1 billion plan of The California Endowment. In connection with statewide policy initiatives, 14 communities are taking action to make where they live healthier. They’re doing this by improving neighborhood safety, connecting individuals to quality health care, helping kids stay in school, improving access to healthy food and more. The goal: to create places where children are healthy, safe and ready to learn. Ultimately, we’re aiming at nothing less than a transformation in the way all of us think about and support health for all Californians.

You can find out more about Building Healthy Communities and Health Happens Here through The California Endowment’s website.

The California Endowment, as a part of its Building Healthy Communities Initiative, has launched 3 campaigns that will help achieve the outcomes above. It’s called: Health Happens Here

Health Happens with Prevention

Health Happens with PreventionIt’s better to prevent diabetes than to treat it…to get a flu shot than to be out of work for a week…to lower cholesterol through healthy eating versus expensive medication. We all agree prevention is the best health care, and the new health law signed by President Obama starts with prevention.

Health Happens in Schools

Health Happens in SchoolsSchools play a pivotal role in the physical, social, and emotional health of California’s children. It’s where our kids spend half of their waking hours, where they eat meals, get exercise, and where they are set on paths for healthy and successful lives.

Health Happens in Neighborhoods

Health Happens in NeighborhoodsHow vibrant your neighborhood is can actually affect how well — and how long — you live. Medical research shows that communities with parks, public transit, and access to fresh foods actually reduce the risk of disease and support a healthier, happier life.


Here are the 14 places across California that are Building Healthy Communities (BHC):

BHC_map BHC_map_content


Building Healthy Communities (BHC): Healthy Richmond is made possible by funding from The California Endowment and with dedicated support from our Program Manager, Diane Aranda.

Diane ArandaDiane Aranda has been working in partnership with the Richmond community since the inception of the Building Healthy Communities Initiative and ensures that grant making is aligned with the strategic vision and goals of Healthy Richmond. She works closely with our community partners and the Hub Host Team.

If you have specific questions about The California Endowment, please feel free to contact Diane Aranda directly at DAranda@Calendow.org or visit our BHC website for more information about the 14 sites across California – www.bhcconnect.org