Logic Model

Our Approach

HR Logic Model graphic HR Logic Model thumbnailHealthy Richmond believes in the power of residents to make lasting change and improve the overall health of our community. Our Logic Model serves as a visual representation and guide for the priority outcomes, suggested strategies to reach the outcomes, and the resources needed to achieve a brighter future for Richmond.

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What to we seek to achieve in Richmond?

Of the Top Ten Goals identified by The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities, Healthy Richmond worked with the community to identify our most immediate priorities.  In Richmond, we envision the following four outcomes:

  • Access to quality health care for all
  • Ensuring safety in our homes and communities
  • Creating vibrant schools & neighborhoods that promote health and success
  • Supporting healthy economic revitalization

How will we get there?

Healthy Richmond strategies were selected as part of the framework for community change over the 10 year initiative.

  • Community organizing, empowerment, and mobilization
  • Commitment to identifying an cultivating emerging local leaders
  • Dedication to building local capacity to enhance our community
  • Working across sectors to achieve common goals

The first Healthy Richmond Steering Committee comprised of twenty-five members and the Logic Model Committee both contributed to analyzing the data and designing our Logic Model in 2010.