Our Work

Health Happens Here in RichmondAt its core, Healthy Richmond is about bringing people and organizations together to make Richmond a place where all children and families are safe, healthy and ready to learn. Our Steering Committee and Actions Teams are collaborating and encouraging others to work together to make this a reality.

With this goal at the heart of the effort, the Hub Steering Committee is driving the Healthy Richmond effort by developing systems for community collaboration and evaluating the impact of our collective work. The Hub Steering Committee is also working to create a sustainability plan to carry on the work of the hub beyond 2020.

Healthy Richmond Action Teams are working through a collaborative model involving our Hub Steering Committee leadership, Hub partners and community partners to impact our key Richmond priorities. Learn about the Action Teams that are working in our community right now to expand health and justice for all!

Healthy Richmond Action Teams are inspiring collective efforts between the Hub Steering Committee and Hub Partners to turn the priorities for our community into a reality. Here are the four priority areas we are working on right now in Richmond:

  • Access to Quality Healthcare
  • Community Safety
  • Schools and Neighborhoods
  • Economic Revitalization

Action Teams provide a space for Healthy Richmond Hub partners to band together to achieve common goals. Other key strategies include creating strategic alliances, moving on immediate systems or policy initiatives, building capacity to use data in advocacy campaigns, creating pathways for resident participation and leadership, and strengthening the network of Healthy Richmond Hub partners.