Action Teams

Healthy Richmond Action Teams

Healthy Richmond Action Teams are inspiring collective efforts between Hub Steering Committee leadership ad Hub Partners to turn the priorities for our community into a reality. Here are the four priority areas we will be working on over the coming year:

  • Access to quality health care for all
  • Ensuring safety in our homes and communities
  • Creating vibrant schools that promote health and success
  • Supporting healthy economic revitalization

Who is involved in the Action Teams?

A Hub Steering Committee member and a community leader serve as the Co-Chairs for the Action Team. Membership is open to community partners and resident leaders that are interested in working with the group to establish shared goals and activities based on the outcome area.

What is the vision for the Action Teams?

Action Teams will provide a space for Healthy Richmond Hub partners to band together to achieve common goals.  Other key strategies would include creating strategic alliances, moving on immediate systems or policy initiatives, developing the capacity to use data that supports advocacy work, increasing networking and partnership between Healthy Richmond Hub Partners, and creating pathways for resident participation and leadership.

Action Team: Affordable Care Act

Access to quality health care for all

Families have a “health home” that supports healthy behaviors.

This Action Team is comprised of Healthy Richmond partners and key leaders that will develop collective strategies to positively impact outreach and education for residents who are eligible for Medi-Cal or Covered California and/or advocating for those who will remain uninsured. We will be working with policy makers, health care providers, and partners to increase opportunities to leverage resources and involve community leaders in the effort to reach as many uninsured residents as possible. The time is ticking and enrollment for Obamacare begins in October 2013!

If you are interested in the Action Team – Affordable Care Act please contact:

Roxanne Carrillo Garza at

Wanda Session at

Alvaro Fuentes at

Launch of Other Action Teams

We will be launching Action Teams focused on the other three priority areas in the fall and winter of 2013-2014. We will post additional information on this website, our Facebook (add link) and Twitter (add link) accounts as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact our Hub Manager, Roxanne Carrillo Garza at