Action Team: Economic Revitalization

Economic revitalization is building the capacity for residents and small businesses in Richmond to compete economically, changing the narrative about investing in Richmond’s economy, and creating spaces that incubate self actualization to prepare people for economic success.

The Economic Revitalization Action Team (ER) is a partnership of local business and entrepreneurial organizations, community organizations, and partners in the City of Richmond who has focused on creating economic opportunity for the small businesses and residents in Richmond. ER has been part of a large effort to bring larger “anchor institutions” to the city, including Kaiser Permanente hospital systems and UC Berkeley, and with that create lasting policies that guarantee jobs and procurement that prioritize Richmond residents. ER has also led the way in using restorative justice and the development of resident-centered spaces to support a community heal from intergenerational poverty, and realize its full talent and potential. The action team has also worked collectively to address the larger issue of Richmond’s narrative, and how to empower youth and families to tell their stories to change it.


  • Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)
  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)
  • Business Development Center
  • East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
  • Emerald Cities
  • Catholic Charities of the East Bay
  • City of Richmond Employment & Training Department
  • Housing Authority of Contra Costa County
  • Insight Center
  • Renaissance Center
  • Re-Entry Success Center
  • Richmond Community Foundation
  • Richmond Main Street
  • Rubicon Programs
  • Solar Richmond
  • Spark Point
  • Stride Center
  • Urban Tilth

Action Team Co-Chairs

Bill Bankhead (2018 – Present)

Alicia Gallo (2018 – Present)

Active Campaigns

Business Opportunity

The Business Opportunity work group is focused on creating a business capacity model to be used throughout Richmond. This model, built collaboratively with our partners, was taken directly from a set of recommendations proposed to UC Berkeley by a coalition of community stakeholders. While the UC Berkeley Global Campus project is on indefinite hiatus, the Community Working Group who developed the recommendations and the University continue to partner in creating resources that build the strength and capacity of small and local businesses and entrepreneurs in Richmond. The group is currently creating a model to submit for project funding later this year. Please check back for updates!

Changing The Narrative

Changing the Narrative focuses on lifting up the stories and perspectives of the Richmond community to create a positive narrative that reflects the resilience, potential, and promise of youth, adults, and family. The center of this work is the R-Map, which contains several locations nominated by young people all around our community. This living map project will foster collaborations between artists and residents who are connected by work, history, family and vision at specific locations on a new interactive community map that we are building as a member of the Healthy Richmond Hub. Over two years, East Bay Center will commission and produce 10 site-related performances that will bring to life distinct cultural and neighborhood assets in the city of Richmond. Performances will foster a level of engagement with the Map in a way that cannot be achieved simply by a representation of civic assets. Rather, through patient collaborations at each site and the city-wide nature of the project, we will work to build a wider narrative of Richmond – one that celebrates its residents, their themes, and history, as well as the self-identified issues of struggling neighborhoods.

Creating Career Pathways for Adults in ICT

A brand new campaign area, the action team will be assembling partners and residents to create a model for empowering adult residents with the tools and spaces they need to take advantage of growing opportunities in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) field. The action team will be creating a work plan, goals, and final vision led by resident stake holders over the next several months. The vision of this project is to work with the community to create a safe space that “incubates self actualization to prepare people for economic success.” Check back for more updates!

Equity-based Principles for the Economic Revitalization of Richmond CA