Community Grant Fund

Each year, a project in each of our 3 action teams are awarded a Healthy Richmond Community Grant. We offer grant funds for projects that will enhance our central mission: building a community in which youth and families are healthy, safe and ready to learn. Our focus over the last year has been to invigorate those projects whose work not only builds lasting health equity in Richmond, but also create lasting pathways for residents to access resources, organize and advocate, and engage more meaningfully in local and regional policy.

For the 2017 Community Grant Cycle, the following 3 projects were selected by the Healthy Richmond Steering Committee:

Partners: LifeLong Medical Care, Kaiser Permanente, Contra Costa Health Services, Ensuring Opportunity Campaign, Blue Shield of California

Overview: Training a group of resident health promoters, educators, and promatoras brought together from LifeLong, YES Nature to Neighborhoods, and the Latina Center, to be Community Health Advocates through a month of special classes facilitated by LifeLong’s expert staff. The training will be around particular context and skills in advocating for and creating health policy in Contra Costa County. The cohort of 5-10 Community Health Advocates will be prepared to participate in a 3rd “Dine & Learn” event in February of 2018, in which they, health systems administrators, and health providers will talk about work to reduce barriers to accessing care. Through a sharing of regional approaches, best practices, and deep conversation about community impact, the group will form a lasting learning community committed to working together on specific projects and outcomes related to reducing barriers to accessing services.


  • Train 5-10 Community Health Advocates in advocacy, leadership, and health policy.
  • Re-share the information generated from the initial listening sessions and first two Dine & Learn convenings.
  • Convene the 3rd “Dine & Learn” in order to create a lasting learning community & select 1-2 policy projects related to reducing barriers to accessing care.
  • Secure positions for Community Health Advocates to work with managers and staff within CCHS, Kaiser, and other health systems to enact the selected projects over 1 year
  • Set times to re-convene the learning community bi-annually.


Partners: Bay Area PLAN, Schools & Neighborhoods parent leaders

Overview: Honoring the constant work of parents in our school district, parent leaders representing the diversity of the Richmond community will work closely with staff from PLAN to create and hold a Parent Convening in January of 2018. Parents from across the district will be able to hear about the training and action taken by parent leaders and organizers in the fall of 2017, and act as a space in which new parent leaders can connect with those who have already had experience working within the district to advocate for their children and equitable, positive access to schools.


  • Bring together 100 parents from across WCCUSD.
  • Create an “inspirational moment” for each parent attendee, as well as community partners, that will ingrain a sense of value for shared solidarity and unified support.
  • Include specific skills training from PLAN and other Healthy Richmond partners in the parent-designed agenda.


Partners: The Stride Center, YPLAN, City of Richmond LEAP, Spark Point Contra Costa, City of Richmond IT Department

Overview: A gap exists between the abundance of opportunity in the technology field and the talent pool represented in the community in Richmond. Focusing on Information Communication Technology (ICT) careers, a collaborative group of action team partners wanted to create a pathway toward ICT careers using a project based learning approach. Enter YPLAN, out of the UC Berkeley Center for Cities and Schools. Together, the team developed a pilot based on the principals of YPLAN’s model with youth, infused with specific input from partners and residents about what adults in the community need to be successful. The pilot took place over a 6 week period in which 3 adult residents worked with training staff from YPLAN and the city’s Literacy for Every Adult Program (LEAP) to prepare a presentation and expert recommendations to the civic client for the project: City of Richmond IT department. The project focused in on helping the IT department better understand what the community needed in regards to expanding public WiFi to several bus stops throughout the city. The YPLAN pilot participants spent their time learning how to leverage a variety of online tools to create community participatory research based on input from the the IT department, as well as channel their own lived experience in the community into a guiding set of project and policy recommendations. The result of this pilot was a successful online survey generating over 170 individual responses and recommendations presentation show to leaders within the IT, engineering, planning, community services departments and the mayors office.

The program partners also ensured each participant was linked with opportunities to further their careers in ICT with educational resources, financial literacy development, and further training with the Stride Center and LEAP. A full implementation of the adult YPLAN model is in the development stages for late 2018.


  • Provide adults in Richmond with a practical, experiential learning program rooted in the use of technology and ICT careers.
  • Develop the project as a lasting pathway for those adult residents.
  • Engage civic partners in equity-centered programming.

Click here to download the descriptions of the 2013 Community Grant Fund: 2013 Healthy Richmond Community Grant Fund Recipients

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