Hub Steering Committee

The Hub Steering Committee (SC) serves as the lead entity for the Healthy Richmond (HR) Hub in developing systems for community collaboration and updating the logic model. At scale, the SC is comprised of 25 people. The Hub SC includes representative members from all primary areas of community: municipal offices, the school district, public and private health care providers, nonprofit organizations, faith communities, businesses, and residents.

Healthy Richmond Steering Committee

Roles Within the HR Hub Steering Committee

  • Participate in trainings and community engagement events
  • Provide leadership for the Action Teams
  • Provide a voice for community residents and leaders
  • Create opportunities for resident involvement and community capacity building
  • Guide the HR Hub on shared values and principles (i.e., systems change, community building, support youth leadership)
  • Develop systems and community collaborations

Six Priority Roles of the Steering Committee

  • Outreach to others not at the table (Hub Partners, policymakers, systems, churches) to join activities and membership in activities
  • Influence Policy
  • Share information about activities on website, newsletter, etc.
  • Develop leadership within the SC and Hub
  • Review and update the HR Logic Model
  • Leveraging relationships with elected officials

How do I join the Healthy Richmond Steering Committee?

Serving on the Hub Steering Committee is a great opportunity to work with people from across our community to reach a shared goal: To improve health and safety for all residents. As a member of the Hub Steering Committee, you will work with residents and other community leaders to guide the process of turning ideas into real action and changes in our city.

We encourage applications from across our community: all ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, languages, economic condition, educational background, abilities, professional skills, philosophies, and life experiences. Our hope is to call on the great knowledge, history, and energy of our community to implement this project.

Committee members should expect to devote about 10 hours a month to the project, at first, and should be willing to commit to a two-year term of service. Most of your time on the Committee will be spent in meetings, working in small subcommittees to accomplish specific tasks, or in community-based work related to the project, such as meetings with community members, representatives from our community’s key institutions, staff members at The California Endowment or the Hub, or advisers and consultants working with the Healthy Richmond project.

The Steering Committee invites community leaders who are interested in serving as members every two years. Our last recruitment for new members occurred in May 2013.

The Steering Committee for the Healthy Richmond Hub

As of May 30, 2013

Andre Aikins, Omega Boys Club

Monica Boyd, Richmond Community Foundation

Guadalupe Corral, Community Volunteer and Community Resident

Rona Cremer, Young Adult Empowerment Center, Contra Costa Housing Authority

Shasa Curl, Richmond City Manager’s Office and Community Resident

Ruth Dineen, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

Amanda Elliott, Richmond City Commissioner, Richmond Main Street and Community Resident

Vivien Feyer, Community Resident and Chair Human Rights Commission

Wendell Greer, West Contra Costa Unified School District and Community Resident

Charlene Harris, Healing Circles of Hope

Joyce Harris, Richmond City Commissioner and Community Resident

Blanca Hernández, Youth Enrichment Strategies

Lorena Huerta, Familias Unidas

Angela Jenkins, Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits

Iyalode Kinney, Community Resident, CURMES’s Lots of Crops

Barbara McCullough, Brighter Beginnings

Wade Meyer, Community Resident, Rainbow Community Center

Latrena Robinson, Community Resident and Kaiser Permanente Social Worker

Sarah Ross, Community Resident and Community Clinic Consortium

Corrine Sain, Community Resident and Neighborhood House North Richmond

Wanda Session, County Health Services Department

Nita Sisamouth, Asian Pacific Environmental Network and Community Resident

Ruth Vasquez-Jones, Brookside Clinic

Nora Vigil,  Community Resident and Lifelong Brookside Health Promoter

Miriam Wong, The Latina Center and Community Resident