About RYOT

What does Youth Power in Richmond look like? What can Youth Power create?

The Richmond Youth Organizing Team, or RYOT, is a collective of young people leading together to create a safe, healthy and youth supportive Richmond. Located at the RYSE Center, RYOT members are the voices of their community. Through organizing campaigns and base building, RYOT is the next leadership generation of Richmond.

About RYOT

A vibrant community is made of engaged residents. The young people of Richmond are continuously shunned from community decisions, not because of youth’s inability to participate but because our voices are not heard by power holders. RYOT ensures that young people are recognized and serve as key stakeholders and decision-makers on issues and policies impacting our well being.

What will successful youth power look like?

Young people are needed to define the real Richmond and spark its transformation. Successful youth power means:

  1. Youth generated policy wins
  2. Meaningful youth voice integrated into city-wide decision making
  3. A leadership pipeline that supports new members and continues the growth of senior leaders
  4. Youth developed media that changes the narrative of Richmond and reflects an authentic vision

About Youth Power HR

Take Action!

RYOT is passionate and dedicated to improving the well being of all Richmond residents. We are family, we are neighbors, we are concerned residents. We are critical, restless, innovative and proud of where we’re from.

                         Join the Richmond Youth Organizing Team                                         

Attend our meetings every Wednesday at the RYSE Center 205 41st Street Richmond, CA. 

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for more information on the Richmond Youth Organizing Team, contact RYOT Staff 

Jamileh Ebrahimi, Youth Organizing Director, jamileh@rysecenter.org 510.500.7561 (cell), 510.374.3401 (RYSE main line)